We are collecting used cooking oil (UCO), fats.
We clean and maintain oil traps and grease traps in food and catering industries.
Tanker washing, cleaning and disinfection services
Tank cleaning and washing services
Grease trap cleaning services. Collection of used edible oils
Purchase of used edible oils
The Company was registered on March 12, 2019, as a waste trader of the State Environmental Service (No.RI19TS0008). Today the scope of company's main business activities can be listed as: wastes of food oil and a fats mixture trade / brokerage, tankers cleaning and disinfection services.

Started dealing with used food oil (UCO) and fats mixture allow us to contribute to country’s Economics, because our services maintain the operation of food and catering companies and also such establishments as Biodiesel plants.

One of the main direction of our work is - tanker cleaning and disinfection services. It is a very important and necessary service because after each transportation edible oil loads must be closely monitored for the cleanliness of the tanker. Without cleaning these tanks different bacteria can accumulate there, which in its turn damages the analysis results of the next cargo and the processed edible oils (UCO) cargo is not accepted.
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